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gain insight into your community.

Get a deeper understanding of your community through metrics and acquire valuable insight into the community to help make important decisions.

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Get reports that are meaningful and informative on your community

We can create a custom report that includes key performance indicators and a variety of other metrics chosen to help measure your community and give actionable insights.

With our experience in communities and technology, we can help bring meaning to the numbers and suggestions to enhance the community.

Want insights for your community?

get community guidance through insights

bring data together

Metrics from various platforms displayed together in one report using Google Data Studio.

key metrics selected

An overview with key metrics chosen to help show the overall performance of the community with additional metrics broken out for more detail.

perspective of community specialists

Our knowledge of communities and technology, acquired from over 10 years in community development, utilized to provide insight into your community.

customized for your community

Created based on your community and can be adapted for specific goals and needs.

get a detailed picture of user activity

Go beyond traditional analytics and understand how your users interact with your community and each other.

easily track what's important

Reports are broken out focusing on what is important for communities, letting you get the insights you need quickly and easily.

Let's get started.

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