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Our best XenForo experience free for a limited time

ACE for XenForo is our answer to what is the most ideal interface and experience for a community. AC.UI, a theme centered around a simple and performant design, and Feeds, an add-on that allows filtering of dedicated feeds.

We're changing the forum experience

UI/UX on forum platforms has been outdated for too long. We recognize the significance of small community discussion and want to make forums as successful as we can.

Our team is leading the charge in creating the new standard for forum platforms because we have the passion, desire, skills, and knowledge to do it.

Meticulously designed for simplicity

  • app-like navigation for mobile
    We completely reworked how navigation is handled on mobile by having bottom navigation tabs to mimic what users come to expect from an app experience.
  • alerts simplified
    In one convenient user menu, users can now view their alerts, conversations, settings, and bookmarks in one single user menu that removes extra clicks and simplifies navigation.
  • thoughtfully designed
    Every detail was considered, from font sizes to contrast and legibility, to ease of navigation. We made the micro-decisions about the ideal interface so you don't have to.

Deliver dedicated feeds with powerful filtering

  • intentional and interactive feeds
    We deliberately created various, customizable feeds for different types of users that allow for engagement right in the feed.
  • universal create button
    We standardized common forum actions such as creating a thread into one single call-to-action.
  • filtering
    Users can filter by forum, thread type, watched content, people you follow, and more to discover the content they want to see.
  • promote to a curated hot feed
    Community staff can hand-select content from a recommended list or let our algorithm do the work for them.

Get ACE for XenForo along with our select add-ons for the best strategy

The same community tools we implement for our clients to support the best strategies of improving user onboarding, engagement, experience, and more. For $1,000 annually, have access to both our Audentio Community Select and ThemeHouse products with support.

Learn more about ACE for XenForo

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