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Dedicated community management for your Discord server

Our community manager will help build a healthy and supportive community in Discord while handling the day-to-day communication so you can focus on engaging how you'd like.

We support your community by building a strategy to retain and engage users

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host Discord events

Increase participation with text and voice channel events like quiz nights, tournaments, giveaways, and collaborations with others.

user retention and onboarding

Welcoming onboarding process for new members to get chatting right from the start with personalized welcome screen and dedicated intro channel.

control moderation and spam

As community moderators ourselves, we develop community rules and enforce them by mitigating spam and de-escalating conflicts.

introducing new features

Along with open communication and sharing feature progress, we collect community surveys for feedback.

create positive community culture

Leading by example, we encourage members to follow the rules and etiquette of the server.

build growth with server insights

After reaching a member milestone, we monitor key metrics to inform community strategy decisions.

Comprehensive, personalized Discord growth strategy with experts

Host events, giveaways, tournaments, and routine discussion
Schedule and monitor tasks and bug reports
Routine meetings with your staff on progress
Ensure members feel seen, heard, and recognized as valued voices in the community

Benefits of a hands-on community manager

  1. increase engagement and brand ambassador support
  2. develop a long-term Discord growth strategy alongside you
  3. mitigate toxicity and resolve community conflicts

Custom bot features driven by our community

We act as a partner throughout the strategy and bot development process as every community and Discord server is unique.

Bot strategy & development

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