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Build a loyal community of readers around your content

You’ve already begun sharing your story with the world but your articles or blog aren’t just a monologue. Increase audience engagement and revenue by fostering conversations in a community.

A community platform to drive engagement to your articles and build a membership.

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WordPress integration

Connect your website or blog with a forum to create a seamless experience for your users.

subscriptions and donations

Monetize your way by having subscription tiers, donations, and advertisements.

paywall premium content

Make content only accessible to subscribers with exclusive events and premium-only discussion.

chat and discussion

Have real-time discussion with members and also member-to-member engagement.

question and answer

Make it simple for members to answer each other’s questions and helpful for the future by indicating the best answer.

leaderboard and awards

Highlight members for their high-level of activity with leaderboard and achievements.

  • Have control over your brand
  • Engage with your audience the way you want
  • Keep your members' attention
  • Choose how you monetize
  • Control your percentage cut
  • Make your content more discoverable
  • Bring people together on one platform
  • Directly notify your audience
  • Keep data private from big companies
  • Be independent of social media fads
  • Create long-term value

Why do I need a community platform?

Communities we’ve helped build for publishers

Help grow engagement with real-time discussion, gamification, notifications, and social events.

Communities that trust us
Tom's hardware

A dedicated native app for WordPress and your community

Reach your audience where they are
Stay in touch with native push notifications on iOS and Android.
Get listed in app stores
Gain exposure to a wider audience and a younger demographic.
Expand your revenue opportunities
An avenue for placing mobile ads, app sales, and subscriptions.

Interact with your audience through live streaming

Streaming from your own platform gives you more control and the ability to keep engagement on your platform.

Decide your percentage cut
Optional ad-free experience
Chat and moderation
Integrate live streaming into your website and community

Let's get started.

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