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Robust product line designed specifically for communities

We’ve designed, built, and maintained dozens of tools meant to improve monetization, gamification, user engagement, and more for communities.

Enter ThemeHouse

Our digital product brand

We infuse the same passion and creative spirit we have about community into our suite of products that include a theme framework, XenForo to WordPress bridge, and a collection of add-ons focused on monetization, gamification, user engagement, and more.


Active downloads of our products


products on hand


loyal customers


years of forum development


5 star reviews on themes & add-ons

Our favorite tools for community success


Keep users engaged and coming back regularly.


More easily promote content, target certain user groups, paid options to promote, and more.

upvote and downvote

Voting system highlights relevant responses and best answers.


Built with our theme framework and customized to our most ideal and cleanest interface yet.


Help achieve your financial goals and discover new revenue streams.

shopify integration

Track if the member made a purchase and award achievements based on Shopify data.

membership models

We’ll help you plan different tiers for premium membership.

donation campaigns

Crowdfunding allows members of your community to invest in the community itself.


Drive activity and reward members for their accomplishments.

award badges for milestones

Make members feel accomplished for their efforts and incentivized to reach the next goal.

rank up in a leaderboard

A community-wide leaderboard can highlight members for their high-level of activity.

gain experience points to level up

Visually show progress to regular members for their continued activity.

Integrate WordPress with your forum

Bridge the software gap between WordPress and XenForo and integrate content with minimal tech overhead.

Supports sites being on different servers and domains
Comments synced between WordPress and XenForo
Create threads for WordPress posts using XenForo API

Premium add-ons

Bundled with support for one annual cost

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Encourage more engagement and beneficial activities with a robust and customizable reward system.


Highlight members for their high-level of activity through a community-wide leaderboard.

complete account

Help onboard new members by showing progress as they complete tasks to create the ideal profile.

site tour

On first login, guide new users with helpful prompts and a tour of the site to understand features.


Track orders and customers within Shopify and award users for purchases.


Easily promote content and filter dedicated feeds like hot (trending), questions, latest activity, and more.

google perspective

Share toxicity rating in real-time when posting, block certain posts, and view content based on the toxicity rating.


Have users more easily added to mailing lists with tags created in XenForo synced with Mailchimp.

content management plus

Admins and mods can improve SEO, and suggest similar content to users to avoid duplicate postings.

guest prompts

Prompt guests to login when they try to engage like creating a thread or responding to a discussion.

a/b testing

Test features and receive feedback by placing users in specific user groups based on criteria.


A meticulously designed modern interface built with our tried-and-true theme framework.


Have a lesson structure that supports classes, difficulty levels, and user progress.

thread types plus

Add more thread types such as media, recipe, report, support, and wiki.

user group marking

Create unique post bit styling to highlight certain user groups like premium members.


Allow certain user groups to use custom emojis that are uniquely tailored to the community brand.

image optimizer

Automatically optimize any image uploaded to improve page speed and save on storage and bandwidth.


Generate revenue by setting up a paywall, associating sponsors with forums, and user upgrade options.

image optimizer

Improve performance by using WebP for images and minifying CSS, JS, and HTML.

reaction plus

Create new reactions, choose who can use reactions, what forums they can be used in, and more.

style switch

Depending on the set user preference in their OS, the theme will transition between light and dark mode.


Users can connect their Spotify account and share what they are listening to with others.


Display your most active and relevant content to improve content discovery and engagement.

40+ addons and themes

With the bundle, enjoy our full ThemeHouse product line.

For $1,000 annually, have access to both our Audentio Community Select and ThemeHouse products with support

The same community tools we implement for our clients to support the best strategies of improving user onboarding, engagement, experience, and more.

Let's get started.

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