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Engage directly with your audience by live streaming

Bring live streaming together with your discussions, memberships, and content. Integrate a thriving community wherever your audience is, all under your own brand.

A modern live streaming solution for creators, artists, community managers, educators, and more.

live stream and chat

Have real-time discussion with members and also member-to-member engagement.

subscriptions and donations

Monetize your way by having subscription tiers, donations, and ticket sales.

your brand, not ours

Your brand and colors across the entire experience including logo placement.

  • Community roundtable
  • Question and answer
  • Networking event
  • Product launch
  • Gaming event
  • Contest celebration
  • Jam session
  • Charity event
  • Conference
  • Meet n' Greet
  • Award show
  • Board meeting
  • Reunion
  • Webinar
  • Panel discussion
  • Lessons and tutorials

Gather your audience and start hosting your own.

Save your time. Get higher returns. Have the community you deserve.

Monetize your way and decide your percentage cut

Have full control on your return with support for subscriptions, donations, paid chat messages, donation goals and alerts, and if you have an existing community, a single integrated subscription.

Create exclusive events with optional ad-free experiences

At times advertisements feel out of place for certain events and YouTube and Twitch offer no other route. We leave it to you to decide what is best. We also support recording to VOD and having a co-host.

Built for engaging discussions and connections

Chat and chat moderation, message and emoji, members-only chat mode, slow-mode chat, polls, filter chat, chat rules, and no limits on emotes.


Number of

Chat messages


Number of

Concurrent viewers

NORA 2021 Conference

The NORA annual conference is a multi-day event that brings together professionals and key leaders in the optometry and other medical fields. With Audentio Live, we were able to host their event and tailor the platform to their specific needs.

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Number of

Chat messages


Number of

Concurrent viewers

Built with community in mind, our live streaming solution stands apart

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XenForo integration/OAuth

You’ll have a single integrated subscription model and one payment to manage.

unified account for members

Achievements and experience points will be shared between the community and streaming.

you own your audience

You can send your own push notifications and be in direct contact with your audience.

control over brand and features

No longer have third-party logos like Twitch and YouTube present on your platform.

no limits on emotes

No limits on the number of emotes you get based on your audience size.

larger share of subscriptions

Compared to YouTube and Twitch that take 50%, you can decide how much return you have.

Live streaming integrated with our community app

  • Reach your audience where they are
    Stay in touch with native push notifications on iOS and Android.
  • Get listed in app stores
    Gain exposure to a wider audience and a younger demographic.
  • Expand your revenue opportunities
    An avenue for placing mobile ads, app sales, and subscriptions.

Let's get started.

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