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Find simplicity and reliability in your tech-setup

establish a scalable, secure, and reliable community

assigning roles and permissions

Segment your users for a better understanding of your community via analytics and align permissions based on user validation and trustworthiness, monetization strategies, or other criteria.

setup hosting infrastructure

Know what type of hosting options you have, what you want, who will host it, how it is managed, and ensuring it is optimized for you.

choosing the right tools

There are likely a lot of add-ons, extensions, plugins, and themes to use but your community doesn't need every bell and whistle, it could actually hurt it. Pick the tools you need with care.

dataflow mapping

Understanding how each piece of your community works together is critical for any community, especially larger communities or those looking to scale.

platform evaluation and selection

There are many platform options available all with varying benefits, disadvantages, and ideal use cases. Take the time to think through your needs and long term plans and ask for guidance where needed.

integration assessment

Too many moving parts or barriers? Identify areas to streamline or software that's causing challenges and assess the pros/cons of integrations.

Determining what's right for you

There isn’t an all-in-one solution when it comes to building your community. Your ideal solution will utilize multiple tools to create an experience for your community that will continue to grow with you.

How foundation can benefit your community

  1. utilize the best platform and integrations for your community
  2. establish a hosting infrastructure that meets your needs
  3. easily handle up-keep and implement future features

With the Digital Services Act, change could be coming to your community

Since the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA) were approved in March 2022, it's best to remain informed and determine how these regulations could impact your platform. We've done the research for you and highlighted the key takeaways to be aware of.

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