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Drive activity and reward members for their accomplishments

gamify your community with rewards,
gaming events, and competition


award badges for miletones

Make members feel accomplished for their efforts and incentivized to reach the next goal with unique branded badge icons.


host video game events

Bring like-minded members together in a new way in short-term or long-term events.


gain experience points to level up

Visually show progress to regular members for their continued activity.


open a reward shop

Offer branded swag, animated profile backgrounds, and more.


start a streaming schedule

Broadcasting live can introduce a new revenue stream while building an inclusive community.


rank up in a leaderboard

A community-wide leaderboard can highlight members for their high-level of activity.

Ready to build a community?


See how members stack against each other with a leaderboard

support for seasons
Have scores reset after a specified time.
award top placements
Award unique badges per season to top members.
boost engagement with friendly competition
People are goal-oriented and enjoy seeing their engagement earn them recognition.

How gamification can benefit your community

Our Goals
  1. awards users for valuable activities
  2. give more reasons for users to keep coming back
  3. boost activity across the board

Video game events can be for everyone, and we can help with that

It doesn’t matter if your community isn’t gaming-focused; any community can benefit from an event like this. By doing so, you can bring in another revenue stream and build long-term engagement with members.

Let's get started.

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