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Guided experiences that drive inclusivity and retention

bring members on quickly and start engaging


streamlined registration process

A less imposing register process can help encourage new members to complete the form.


guidance on getting started

Help members get acquainted with the community through videos, guides, and tutorials.


encourage participation

Include and incentivize new members to make their first posts, threads, and other activities in the onboarding process.


complete your profile

Prioritizing the profile can help give authority and share in the community for members.


rules and guidelines

Let new members know the do’s and don’ts of the community, resources available, and how they can help in creating a good culture.


direct messages for new members

Make members feel included with a message that helps each person feel valued.

Ready to build a community?


Guide new members in creating their profile

set them up early for success
Encourage members to fill out their profile to the ideal level.
incentivize profile completion
Show progress on completing their profile and award a badge when finished.
recommend profile improvements
Suggest ways a profile page can be improved.

How onboarding can benefit your community

Our Goals
  1. bring new members into community as quickly as possible
  2. educate members on how best to get involved
  3. build a unique experience for each member

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